Friday, July 15, 2011

Ultrasound 2

Went in this morning for another ultrasound and estrogen level check. Mine was 700 something..whatever that means! To get results, they give you a voice mail box- which I think is genius- because you don't have to talk to anyone, and they don't have to spend all day trying to get a hold of people. Anyway, just checked mine and they said to keep on with my FSH, start Ganirilex tonight, and keep on with my steroid pill. I do that tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. Back to the office on Monday. The fun part about Monday is that I have an in-service from 830-330. Really don't want to make up those hours so I am going to go to my in-service, run to the doctor at 11, go back to in-service for the rest of the day. I hope no one notices that I am gone, but luckily some of it will be during lunch break. They are thinking my retrieval will be on Wednesday. Which would work out great because I am going to run out of FSH on Tuesday. The Ganirilex, which I haven't looked at yet, is to prevent ovulation. I think its a shot, but will have to go find it amongst all the other meds. My ovaries feel like they could explode at any moment. They feel very swollen. I will be glad when Wednesday gets here, and we have lots of eggs to get out!

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