Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So I had to be on bed-rest yesterday after my transfer and today. I have to be laying down the whole time except to sit up and eat. So, as you can imagine, meals are my favorite time of the day! This morning I watched some TV, cut out some laminated stuff for school, and watched some TV. G made me a waffle (well the frozen kind you put in the toaster- but still yummy) for breakfast, a pb&j with Cheetos for lunch, and he is grilling burgers for dinner! I basically can't wait! We watched Varsity Blues earlier because clearly that movie can put anyone in a good mood, and I'm still deciding what to watch later. I accidentally took a 3 hour nap, which isn't good because I could have some difficulty sleeping tonight. But the progesterone keeps me kinda tired so maybe I will be fine. As I type G is cleaning the house! He is so great! Since I started FSH they said no heavy lifting which included the vacuum..so the house is a little dirty! I am glad that bed-rest is over tomorrow, and I have a doctors appointment so I get to leave the house! My progesterone shot was hurting so bad I wasn't able to sleep. The nurse said it could be because I was giving it myself. G's mom gave it last night (because he was at his football meeting- story of my life until December) and it doesn't really hurt at all today. Glad that problem was solved. I have to be back at work next Wednesday..ugh. But glad that it will keep my mind off the waiting a little bit.

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