Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ultrasound 1

Went this morning for my 1st ultrasound to see how my eggs were doing. I have been taking my FSH, shot to help grow eggs, since Saturday. Went in this morning, did my usual blood work, and then on to the ultrasound. Its nice that the ultrasound tech is always the same lady. A LOT of people have seen more than necessary during this whole process! So anyway, she gave G a page to record some numbers. I am guessing it was the size or count of my eggs. Not real sure. I'm just glad that G was there because she was going really fast! I asked her if everything was fine because I was feeling some stuff going on. She said I should be feeling it, and will really be feeling it by this weekend. I was trying to explain to G what it felt like, and the best way to describe it is that my ovaries feel busy and full. I go back on Friday for another ultrasound, and then probably back on Monday. They should know when my retrieval will be on Monday. I have an in-service on Monday so maybe if I am not having my retrieval (which would be fine) its a quick appointment and I can still get to my in-service. I would hate to have to find six hours to make up, but if its retrieval day- I'd be fine with it!

Also on Monday, I have something really great happening. A friend of mine, who has a sweet baby boy from IVF last year, is hosting a girls prayer group that she has invited me to! I am so thankful for her! I know I have worn her out with questions, but I feel so lucky to have her for support through this.

On another note, I really am not good at doing unknown things for myself. I figure its because my mom, dad, boyfriends, or husband have done things for me my whole life. This being said, I was not able to give my shot to myself for the first few days, of course G did it! BUT, yesterday, I mixed up my meds myself and gave the shot! I was super proud of myself! I knew that G would be gone Friday night and Saturday night working a football game so I had to do then, might as well get used to it.

Have to be back to work August 3rd...ugh! Got my roll a few days ago. So far I only have 12 kids, oh how glorious that would be! However, I know it will be up to about 20 by the time school starts. I have to have my room ready by the 3rd since we have Open House that night. My room is pretty close, just a few more things to get out and organize. Also, I have got to put names on everything in the room. I am anxious to meet my new little ones!

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