Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Break!!

Oh it is finally summer break!! I feel like I have been anxiously waiting for this day for a looong time. I loved my kids this year, but they were a very active bunch and needed full time attention. It was exhausting. This is also the first summer since high school that I have not had school or work. I have been to the pool almost everyday so far, and am LOVING it! My day consists of morning workout at the Y, pool, nap, dinner, and whatever night activity we have going on. However, this summer, I also get to include many trips to NFC. That place is going to become my second home. I had a doctors appt today with my OB. Had to get a papsmear because I didn't have an up to date one. I told my husband, how many people are going to be my hooha before this process is over with. Its been several so far. Tomorrow I have an inservice, and Thursday its back to NFC for blood work! My doctor today asked what I was doing this summer and I said nothing- oh except for making a baby! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Let the fun begin. As I am driving home, all I can think about is curling up on my couch for an afternoon nap. Its cold, dreary, and my kids have lost control of their lives, and I have two church league games tonight- so a nap was a must. As I barely gather the energy to check the mail, I am greeted at the mailbox by a large package from NFC. There must be 40 pages in there to read and fill out. Some of it included:
-personality traits- If I put hateful with they not let me do IVF..
-Every disease known to man and if anyone in your family has had it
-General medical background
...and SOOO much more.

I know that this is all necessary for what could be the cutest baby one day, but right now it is a lot. I hope I read it all and fill it out correctly!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Trying to get pregnant is fun"

I titled this with quotes for a few reasons. A- everyone always said to me, just relax trying is the best part. (If you know someone trying to get pregnant, don't say that to them) B- I stopped having fun about month three. Maybe for my husband it was fun, but at about month three it was all ovulation kits and temperature taking and doctors and worrying. I think the only fun thing coming my way at this point is someone actually telling me I'm pregnant, or the humor in at all that I just have to look for. Wednesday, I had a procedure done to check and make sure my tubes were clear and uterus looked fine. It was like a pap smear times 100. They put a cath through your uterus which release iodine into your tubes. At the end of the cath is a balloon that blows up so that the iodine does not leak out. I thought I was going to die. One of my friends said the pressure probably feels like a contraction. I thought..great..because I almost got sick and could barely take the pain. I am such a wimp. So I immediately text my husband and said, trying to have a baby is so not fun.

Friday, May 13, 2011


We have made the decision to go with IVF. I am nervous, anxious, scared, and a little hopeful. We had the choice to do IVF or IUI (artificial insemination). However with the IUI, it would be donor sperm. We chose to do what we could to have a biological child. My husband has a part of his Y chromosome that is deleted you could say, and that part controls sperm. So, he has an incredibly low sperm count. We have been to NFC for two appointments so far, I know there are MANY more to come. We are now in waiting to meet with the IVF nurse. I am ready to get this rolling. I just read a blog of a girl I knew in high school. She just had a baby boy through IVF. She blogged her entire experience, and it was a lot. I know that it is just the sacrifice I will have to make to become a mother, but that doesn't make it any less scary.

On a side note, its almost summer :) 2 more weeks of school! I will be sad to see this group go, and it always scary to get a new group of little ones in August. They are just so little and confused :)