Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teacher by Day..infertility researcher by night

I do firmly believe that God placed me in current job for a reason. At the time, I couldn't tell what that was except for money in our bank. I now truly believe it was to fill my heart with the love of a child. I don't have, or know if I will ever have, children of my own. However, everyday I have 19 who completely depend on me. My husband and I have been trying to grow our family since January 2010. We recently learned that we will have extreme difficulty naturally having a child. We are pursuing some infertility options. Thus being said, I spend my days with a whole class of children who love me, and come home longing to see another face- one that calls me mommy. I do have faith that God will answer our prayers, and one day we will have additions to our family.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Catching Up.

I always say I'm going to get back to this. We'll see. Its like twitter, I love it for all the information it gives me, but will never tweet myself. So we have approx. 8 weeks of school left, and that is 8 too many. The children are basically climbing the walls daily. I have been trying to really mix up what we are doing to keep them occupied. At this point in the year, they are telling me what we are supposed to be doing. With Kindergarten, they have basically learned all that they need to go to first grade. I am just working to get those who haven't quite got it yet to a better place for first grade. Another teacher and I have been digging through resources for fun new things to do. I introduced Sight word JENGA the other day, and the kids are begging to play it. I actually just finished putting together some new centers I hope to introduce tomorrow. The good thing about this part of the year is the weather! We are enjoying a long recess everyday after being inside all winter. There are a lot of things I love about this time of year. I love the way they can do everything for themselves. I love how much they have LEARNED. I love how easily things go because they just know how I like things. I love how they have learned what annoys me and they have tried to stop doing it- or some other kid will say "hey, she doesn't like that!" :) However for the good there is bad. I don't like how they are snappy with each other because they are tired of being together. I don't like how they wont to tell me how to do EVERYTHING. I don't like how they really aren't phased with pulling cards are missing recess. As these points in the year, I wish that I could tell them a Bible story, or talk about good friends in the Bible. So..since I can't...I found the next best thing- Rainbow Fish! We spent a whole week with activities from this story. It is such a great message of being a good friend. One thing we did was make fish, and write a word that describes being a good friend. I hung them on the wall and when I hear someone being unfriendly, we stop and talk about the fish. I will be sad when these kids leave me, we have all gotten close- and a lot of them have the sweetest personalities!!