Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting Close!

We are finally getting close to retrieval and transfer day! Yesterday was a little crazy. I had an in-service at 830 in Coopertown, had a doctors appointment in Nashville at 1100, back to Coopertown to finish up my in-service, to school to get my class roll, home for like 10 minutes, girls prayer group, shot at 1115, bed at 100am. Whew! Normally G goes to my appointments with me, but since I was coming from my in-service I just went by myself yesterday. I had my usual blood work, and then an ultrasound just to check on my eggs. My voice mail box last night let me know that I was done with my FSH! I was very excited because my stomach was really starting to hurt and bruise! She also let me know that I would take my trigger shot at 1115 last night to get ready for my retrieval on Wednesday at 1015. Went back today just to do some blood work and then talk with an IVF nurse about what to expect tomorrow. My retrieval is at 1015. Have to be there at 915. No food or drink after midnight tonight. I figure I will be pretty out of it most of the day tomorrow. I don't really do well with any kind of procedure. Tomorrow, I will also start my progesterone shots. They are a fairly large needle that goes in the butt. Everything I have heard about them- no fun! G will have to give those, so I hope it goes smoothly! I will also start another steroid tomorrow and an antibiotic. The antibiotic will most likely make me sick, so I am prepared for that. After tomorrow I will call my voice mail box and check on the quality of my embryos everyday. The plan is to do the transfer on Monday the 25th. They really only wont to put 1 in due to my age, but I'm fighting for 2 :)

Last night I was so lucky to get to go to a prayer group with some awesome girls. A friend of mine went through IVF almost exactly a year ago. I think her transfer was the 27th! Anyway, she had a prayer time over her procedure last year, and she wanted to do the same for me. It was amazing the wonderful women of God that don't even know me, but do know how powerful prayer is and wanted to be there to pray for me. My mom and mom-in-law went with me. It was awesome to be surrounded by all that prayer, and it gave me some hope that things are going to work out for us! She has the cutest baby to show from her IVF :)

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