Monday, July 25, 2011

Transfer Day!

Not really sure if I just posted an emtpy comp freaked out! Anyway, we had the transfer at about 10 this morning. We got there at 9, got in our scrubs and gown, took my Valium and just waited. The valium was a fun experience! I was totally in my happy place. The embryologist came in and showed us the embryo they planned to transfer. He said they recommended 1 but would 2 if that is what I wanted. I wanted two. Its just difficult to go through all this and think that you only have one chance. I feel better with two chances. The process didn't take but about 15 minutes, and really no pain. I am a little crampy now, but I figure that is expected. I am on bedrest today and tomorrow so just laying on the couch for me! I am just thinking good thoughts and hoping these babies like me, and latch on for 9 months! They were able to freeze 3 embryos today and would check in the morning to see if they could freeze anymore. I am happy with three! That gives us a good number if we want to do it again. Here are some pictures of our embryos and me and G in our surgery gear!

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  1. Awww, they are such sweet little embryos:o) Praying for good news in the very near future:o)