Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Plans

Well now that my school year has ended, it is time to look ahead to my summer! I am taking three classes to finish up my Master's program so that takes up two days of each week. I have 5 different in-services that I have to go to for PD hours. My hubby and I are taking a vacation to Panama City Beach for a few days. Some of our best friends are getting married out of town- and hubs is the best man- so we are spending a few days there. In my spare time, I am working at a summer camp that I have been working at for the past 5 summers. I really just love the people that I work with, and could use the extra money. I am sure that I will have plenty of blog moments with a summer of children!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No longer a first year teacher..

Today I put my little ones on the bus for the last time this year! They are headed to first grade!!! I am so proud of how far they have come. We have spent this week just cleaning up and playing. They were so relieved and kept saying "so we really don't have to do any pages?!" Yesterday we had graduation. They sang some songs for the parents (Days of the Week, Months of the year, etc.) Each child got a diploma and I also gave out citizenship award, perfect attendence, and the most F.R.E.D. books read over the year. After that, we spent the day outside playing on the playground as well as playing on some rented inflatables. It was a great day!

Today...was an epic last day. To start the day, we spent about thirty minutes scrubbing stickers off of my tables that my kids thought were cool to put there. As I dropped them off at their special, the lights went off throughout the building. The way that my room is, I have no outside door or windows. It was so dark in my room it was difficult to see your hand in front of your face. I managed to locate my flashlight. I worked on some things with that until I went back to pick them up. We stayed outside until lunch because clearly 19 Kindergartners in a room with no lights is not a good idea. As we headed back in for lunch we had to all hold on to each other and navigate through the hallways by the dim light of my cell phone. As we were preparing for lunch the lights came back on! Hallelujah! As we were sitting down to eat our lunch, we were notified that we were on lock down..we couldn't leave the building until about 1:00 when it was cleared.

Since we were stuck in the room, and it was close to 95 degrees outside, I cleaned the room and the kids helped. I took down everything off one of my walls that needs to be painted. Let the kids get the staples out of it- they loved it because I let them stand in chairs- may not have been a safe option. They organized the toy shelf and cleaned the tables and chairs. I took down bulletin boards that need to be re-done, and stacked all tables and chairs. Tomorrow will be a total paperwork day- but no kids :)

I feel relieved to no longer be experiencing everything for the first time- well once I am done with end of the year things. I loved my sweet children, but some of them I will be glad to be done saying their names 100 times a day :) I know that they will do great in first grade!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

3 more days.

Today I heard a teacher compare the end of school to the 9th month of pregnancy- everyone has had enough and wants the end to come. That seems accurate. We have school until Wednesday, and my kids have been done since last week. They are just WILD. Today, I just let them play in fun centers for a lot of the day, because they are over any type of work I could make them do. The teachers are all a little on edge as well. I haven't decided if the beginning of the year or end of the year is more stressful!

I am glad that I have completed my end of the year gift for my kids. I have been having them draw things, I have been taking pictures, laminating, and then this week the aid binded them into books for me. They are precious! It is so amazing to see how much they have grown throughout the year.

Tuesday is graduation. We are signing five songs, giving special awards and diplomas. So far the practices have been painful. A lot of my kids just will not stand still and sing. I do have a particularly rowdy class, but I hope that they do not stand out over the other five classes.

At this point, it is survival to the end. I have faith my kids and I can make it!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Today we went on our end of the year field trip to the Zoo. The weather people were calling for severe thunderstorms all day, but we were going rain or shine. It was about 100% humidity- about like a day in the middle of July- but no rain! It started raining as soon as we got on the buses, how great! We STRONGLY encourage all parents to come on the trip and that way we can split up. Those parents just sign out their kids as soon as we get there, and they are theirs for the day. Makes counting children and keeping up with them much easier. I had three kids that did not have a parent go. Another teachers teenage daughter and some friends decided to go with us so they kept two of my girls that didn't have a parent. My other one, is the one I constantly talk about on my blog that is just always doing something crazy. However, when he is alone- he is fine. He has a really bad home life, but is so smart! He knows something about everything. His vocabulary is on a 10 year old level probably. So anyway, I spent the day with him. Most people just slowly enjoyed their day at the zoo stopping whenever they needed to. Not us. We saw every single thing you could see at the zoo. Literally. And all in about 3 hours including lunch. He was so cute with his little map all day. We were on a schedule that had to be kept. I was glad that I could to spend some time with him alone where he wasn't in trouble, because he stays in trouble at school!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Enf of the year testing...and other things

Well, have not blogged in awhile because I have been bogged down with end of the year assessments. I have been testing all day, and then bring home test to average scores. My kids take 6 different assessments at the end of the year. It takes nearly forever to test 19 kids on 6 different tests. Not to mention, they lose interest about the first time I test them. Obviously I don't give all 6 at the same time, but none the less they really do not enjoy them. Everyday this week my head has just been pounding.

Friday we are going to the zoo! I cant wait! My kids have been counting down the days since the beginning of May when they could see it on the calendar. I am hoping any rain stays away so we can have a good day!

The flood waters took awhile to recede in Nashville. We missed two days of school, while some districts missed a week or more. So many peoples lives were changed. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

I blogged back in February about my college roommate who passed away from cystic fibrosis ( if you want to check out her story- well Saturday we are walking at the zoo in her memory and to raise money for the cause. I am excited with a way to remember her each year.

2 more full weeks of school...I can make it- maybe.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Lived in Nashville my entire life, and have never seen something like this. It has been raining since Friday night/early Saturday morning. Finally, as I look outside, I think it has stopped. Interstates are shut down, homes are gone, lives are lost, and all schools are shut down tomorrow. Downtown Nashville is completely under water due to the Cumberland River. I am thankful I live up on a ridge and away from a river. I do not have any water damage, but many many friends do. Pray for these people who are still trapped in their homes, lost their homes, or lost family members.