Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I pledge allegiance..

I don't know if all of my teacher friends feel the same about morning announcements as I do, but they are near the worst part of my day. By the time we recite three different things, have school announcements, and birthday announcements, it is almost a 6 minute ordeal. 6 minutes of total silence for 5 year old's is torture. Anyway, a lot of my kids have been learning the pledge of allegiance just from repetition. we are having circle time, and I have finally gotten everyone focused on letters and sounds. A little girl raises her hand and says she needs to tell me something. I normally don't allow this during teaching so I am not sure why I let her. I think she just started before I could stop her. She proceeds to put her hand over her heart and recite the entire pledge right there in the middle of carpet time. I tried so hard not to laugh, but all I could think about was the grandmother saying it in "Christmas Vacation".