Friday, July 30, 2010

Back to School!

Well that time as come. Summer is over in 3 days. Tuesday begins at 8:00am with meetings, schedules, papers, and open house. Luckily, my room is ready to go! I spent about two full days working, and it is ready! In my district, we stagger in our Kindergartners. The rest of the building will start school with a half day on the 4th. Since when did school start so early! I can remember going on vacations well into August, and not missing one day of school. Oh well. We spend the first about two weeks testing the children. After we test, we will place them evenly in classrooms. Starting the week of August 16th, half will come for two days and the other half will come for the next two days. And finally, by Monday the 23rd all of my kids will be there!

As I think about this year, I just keep thinking about great things that my kids from last year would love...I miss them! I am apprehensive about new kids. I had a rowdy bunch last year, but loved them! Hope this year goes well!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This week we have had VBS at church. It was a super heroes for God theme. Of course I wanted to be involved with the kiddos throughout the week. My sis-in-law and I taught the twos and threes class. They were so much fun! We talked about Esther, Noah, Abraham, David, and Samson. They had a great time making crafts, seeing puppet shows, and singing songs! It got me in the mood to start a new school year with my little ones in a few weeks!

As for school, my room is a disaster and I am pretty much not prepared. They are painting my classroom so everything has been moved away from the walls, and everything is off the walls! I am planning to spend several hours at school this weekend getting things back on the walls. I am getting excited to meet my new little group of learners and see how they will grow through the year!