Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Shot

Well today was our first day for shots! Luckily I only have to do one at night. G mixed it up for me, and gave it to me. This one I take in the belly. I can't remember the last shot I had so I really wasn't mentally prepared. I have about the lowest tolerance for pain of any person I everything hurts! It hurt, only for about 10 minutes and then I was fine. The bad part is, this is the little needle :( I also have to take a steroid orally. Can't really feel any side effects yet.

Today also started my no exercise. For a person that tries to do something at the gym everyday, this is going to be difficult. My nurse said don't do anything you would consider exercise and no lifting over 10 pounds. So I have some books ready and plan to do some reading over the next few weeks.

Along with all this, school starts August 3rd! I am soooooooo not ready.

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