Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 2 embryos

We are on track for a day 5 transfer on Monday at 9am! It was supposed to be at 1130, but they just called and asked if we could be there at 9 instead. My voice mail today said that we had 3 grade A embryos and 1 grade B. I'm not sure if they continue to grow or what, but I am happy with that number at this point. Hopefully some of the others will catch up by Monday. I am used to hearing from them everyday, but I have to wait until Monday to see how they are doing so I'll just keep praying they grow like they are supposed to!

I started my progesterone shot on Wednesday. OUCH! It goes in the hip/butt. Doesn't really hurt when it first goes in, but give it about 30 minutes and my butt is on fire. It feels like a charlie horse that never goes away.


  1. Getting excited for you guys. I know that you both are on pins and needles:o) Can't wait to hear how Monday goes!!

  2. Thanks for all your sweet comments Crystal! I am basically just always in a panic :)

  3. It is like deja vu. Everything will go great! Been thinking and praying for you guys.