Thursday, September 15, 2011


First off, headed to my first appointment at the OB today and pretty excited about that. I'll post if there is any news. I doubt there will be. Took my last shot last night- G and I did a little dance we were so excited! My butt was excited too after like 12 weeks of a shot everyday.

Second, I have a friend going in for her egg retrieval tomorrow. Just praying everything goes smoothly for her.

Third, one of my dearest friend's grandfather had a stroke yesterday and we are worried about him making a full recovery.

Fourth, a girl I went to high school with, decided to take the path of her children's lives into her own hands and end it before their time. I don't know all the details or do I really know her very well. I know how she was in elementary, but that really is not good enough to base any kind of judgment on how she is now. I know from news coverage that she hid her pregnancy from everyone, she had her twin babies home Monday night, and smothered them with her bare hands before anyone heard them. She left Tuesday for work and her dad found a baby. They police discovered another baby. Mentally stable or mentally unstable there is really no excuse for ending a life, much less one that doesn't have a fighting chance. It is heartbreaking to think about all the people that so just want to have a baby and cant. And then someone is blessed (in their eyes or not) with two babies and handles it so carelessly. I know that her family will need lots of prayers during this time, as well as her. I heard on the news that she was very upset during the investigation. Rightly so. Anyone would have taken those babies for her. She will need your prayers as she looks at a long life ahead behind bars.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Graduated from NFC!!

As of today, I am done at NFC! Next week I get to go to OB! I have LOVED the people at NFC, but I am happy to start on a somewhat normal pregnancy routine. The one thing I am definitely going to miss is the attention. I have talked to the people at NFC every other day it feels like since April. There is no telling how many trips we have made out there. It will feel weird going anywhere else!

Today, at our last appointment, we got to see our little baby! Just one little baby, twin B didn't develop and they said my body just absorbed it back in. I wonder how many people have that happen, but never get an ultrasound that early so they don't know. I am 9 weeks today, and our little baby had a good strong heartbeat! It measured 8cm at my 7 week ultrasound and 24cm today! Dr. said we are probably going to have a big baby! Our baby had little nub arms today and was moving them all around on the ultrasound. I told G that all that arm moving is probably what is making me feel sickly. The good news is, I think I am entering a better time with the nausea. I have had it since about week 4, and some of the weeks have been much worse. I still have it, but I am able to eat and function a little better than I was a few weeks ago! Thank God for that, it was no fun! I am excited for our little baby to just keep on growing!