Saturday, January 30, 2010

Favorite phone call...Robertson county schools will be closed!

When the weatherman mentions snow, every teacher anxiously awaits that phone call that means sleeping past 5:30am, lounging on the couch, and doing whatever we want! Since the beginning of this semester, the month of January, I have not taught a 5 day week. I am ok with that, but oh how tired I will be when I actually have to again. It is looking like next week will bless me with another 4 day week since the snow will not be gone by Monday morning.

So..what have I done with my snow days? Started with about 7 loads of laundry. Yes, that is a lot for only two people. When you have to go to basketball games every night of the week, and you have TV shows to watch, laundry waits. I cleaned the house. Garrett actually looked disgusted at how dirty the water was after I moped. I might have been slacking on my wifely duties. I have lessons plans done for the next two weeks (more to come with that- I still have tomorrow and Sunday). I have completed all my graduate work that is due next week, and started on some for the next week. I took a nap, both days. Yesterday we watched our entire line-up of snow day shows. It is: Reba, Reba, Reba, Reba, Will and Grace, Will and Grace, Yes, Dear, Yes, Dear, Everybody loves Raymond, Full House, Full House, Everybody loves Raymond, King of Queens, King of Queens, and then on to night time TV. Yes, I agree that is a lot of TV. Last night, after much deliberation over what movie to watch- we finally agreed on Twilight. We may watch it again tonight.

Everyone deserves days like this. I don't have kids, or any real responsibility if I am not at work. So why not do all of these things I want to?

Enjoy your days of complete laziness. We do.

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