Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Strep death

Well I have now been on my couch since Sunday complaining, sleeping, and more complaining. Thus meaning, my students have been at school two days with a sub. I fear what it will be like when I return tomorrow. Here is some of the things that happened last time I had a sub, and it was just one day.

-SEVERAL things had fallen off the wall
-They didn't get to go to the treasure chest, which trust me I never heard the end of..until they finally got to go
-We had a reward party- one of very best students didn't get to go, and one of my worst did?
-There was the largest stack of papers awaiting me when I got back- I don't grade papers, send them home.
-There was trash all over the floor
-Someone went to the wrong dismissal spot

That is just a small list of what can happen in a day when I am not there to control things. So two could be scary when I get back tomorrow. I hope that my students have behaved, things are in order, no one is hurt, and papers are not over-taking my desk (well unless I left them there)

I am ready to get back to my kiddos. Not so much excitement on my couch.

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