Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Sub.

Well my fear became reality this morning at 7:23 when I walked in my room. In began when I went to my mailbox to find a note that the assistant principal would be doing a formal evaluation today at 9:10 and I needed to have paper work filled out prior to that (these evaluations are mandatory by state law). So of course, I immediately am panicking. My kids have not seen me in two days- they have been enjoying the freedom of a sub, and now they have to look like civilized people for an hour why the assistant principal was in my room- not good. I then walk into my room to find that none of the work I needed for my children to get done- actually got done. I actually have no clue what they did for two days...

So after a lot of complaining I began to dig through the piles of paperwork. If your not a teacher, its hard to imagine the amount of things that we fill out on a daily basis. My desk would scare a lot of people. So anyway, I missed two days of those things. By this time it was close to 7:30 and my kids come in my room at 7:35, that gave me five minutes to get control of my life, and not just cry before they arrived.

The behavior today- resembled our first few days in August. Not really an enjoyable thing. I got a note that said no one had to pull apples the two days I wasn't there...I laughed out loud. We have never had a day that no one pulled an apple- for any reason. Pulling apples is what they do for their behavior system. They start on green and it goes down blue, yellow, red, black- that tells what type of day they had. By the end of today- ten people had moved their apple, most past blue.

To say the least about the whole situation- I would just be better off to go to school sick.

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