Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well it has been a week since I was last up at 5:30am and working with my precious ones all day. To say the least, my head is pounding. Before Christmas, the children were right where I wanted them. I have totally lost all control. I fear how bad it could be by May.

Aside from the headache, today was pretty uneventful. Lots and lots of stories about how great the snow was. I thought to myself, this is probably the only snow (like that) their short little lives have ever seen. They were so excited.

In our Masters class, we are talking a lot about how to live God's purpose here on Earth. As most of you know, in the public school system religion is an off limits topic. This is very difficult because I have never been in a setting where you were not allowed to discuss it. I have been struggling all year to find ways to show God to my kids just by my actions. This week or month or school year is just simply listening to my students. They talk to me alllll day, and tell me soooo many stories. I tend to allow them to continue to talk and move on with my hectic day. I fear this probably happens at home, so I wont to avoid that. I have made it a "goal" to just listen to them as much as I can, and of course still get things done. Maybe small things can show them something.

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