Sunday, January 10, 2010

My first!

After 72 hours straight at home due to some snowy conditions, I have created my blog! I am excited about where this might take me. As I look ahead to my first day of my second semester tomorrow, I am excited. This first semester was spent simply trying to survive. Bless my kids parents, I know they think I might be a little crazy. There were several days I sent things home misspelled, or just wrong. They would come into my room, and I felt like I was always drowning in papers, runny noses, questions, or just stress. I hope to be less of those things this semester. My goal now- really engage with my children. Do everything I can to get them ready for first grade. I am past just survival, it is time to rock it out. I am looking forward to how much they will grow, or have grown over the break. I pray for my kids and for me everyday before I leave for school. If any parents are reading, I urge you to do the same for your kids. It truly could change the experience they have. So here are some "resolutions" I have for my classroom in 2010:
  • Show God anyway I can- even if not out loud (because I like my job and want to keep it)- in my actions to my coworkers and through love and attention to my kids
  • Talk and listen more with each child- sometimes I am too overwhelmed in the work we have to get done to stop and really listen to the things they are saying to me
  • FUN- something fun every single day

"But just as he who called you holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written, "Be holy, because I am holy." I Peter 1:15-16

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  1. Im so proud of you Miss Kristin!! Not just for creating your first blog, but also for being such a good little teacher!! Your words are wise. I cant wait to see what else you have to share!