Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Funny Moments.

Well the past few days my children have just been making me laugh constantly. I am not sure if I have been in better spirits than normal, or they are extra funny. Today I was a little puny. If you don't know me too well, here is an interesting fact for you. If I take any type of cold medicine, nighttime or not, I am basically unconscious. I hardly remember anything past 8:30 when I took the medicine last night. I was still in recovery. But it helped that it was PJ day, and if you know me, well you know I too full advantage! So anyway, I was very happy for the humor they provided me today.

So here is some humor for you to enjoy as well.
- I don't know if this is a sign that I am old or what, but one of my kids was singing a pop song all day today (a white girl) and I had to come home and Google the song to make sure it was ok for her to sing it in my class...sign of old age?

- One of my sweet children was losing control of their lives at their seat today. I mean tears streaming, heaving, the whole nine yards. I walk over and ask what the issue might be. She answered but it was so out of control I could not understand. The girl next to her said- "she is just really upset about Hannah Montana" I said "Excuse me, she is upset about what?" She finally gathered herself and said "I am just really upset that Hannah Montana is not going to be on TV anymore" I just turned around and walked away- I just could not believe that

- My little child that was the alligator under the table always has exciting things for he walked up to this little girl who never does anything or says anything..and he said "barf, barf, barf, barf" about an inch from her face. He then turned the boy next to her and said "HAHA I just barfed in her face!" Like what even makes someone do that?

Well maybe that made you smile :)


  1. I am so glad I found your blog! I am a kindergarten teacher as well. I teach in NC and this is my 34th year. I would love to keep in touch and trade ideas!

  2. Wow! You probably have a lot more to share with me! I cant wait to read what wisdom you have!!