Wednesday, March 31, 2010

4 Day Weeks

Who doesn't love a 4 day week!! I love thinking that on this Wednesday night my alarm will only go off at 5:40 for one more day this week. Plus, with this fabulous weather we have been enjoying, my kids have checked out. They have no interest in letters/sounds, math pages, coloring pages, or writing in their journals. The only thing that keeps them going is 45 minutes of recess (yes, thats longer I should but it is just so nice), centers, and me trying to teach them a new sign to add to our sign language everyday.

I have talked a little bit about a sweet little boy in my room who just simply can not behave. I love him to death, and he is one of my more common sense intelligent children. He knows more random facts about things than I do. Just the other night Titanic was on TV, so of course we were watching it. The next morning he ran in and said "Mrs. Dickerson, last night on TV, this boat hit an iceberg and it sank, and this girl and boy that loved each other, their hair froze, their hair, can you believe that!" It was just so cute :) However, today, not so cute. He continued to stand on top of his table and jump off. While I was teaching. He constantly threw crayons across the room. And the final straw, he punched another boy in "his area". I want him to do the right thing and make good choices, but he does not. I know that God put him in my room for a reason, and maybe it is to strengthen my patience because that surely is happening.

Those of you who have a four day week and tomorrow is your Friday, Enjoy!


  1. Kristin,

    He sounds like a really bright kid. Could you reward positive behavior with some challenging activity? For example, if you can sit quietly while we......then I have a special game that you can play with a friend. Perhaps he might like a challenge like Apple Nim or Monster? Are you familiar with those?

  2. I haven't heard of those! We have tried a lot of different positive rewards but nothing has worked real well yet