Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I continue to be amazed by the jacket situation in my room. With the weather kind of cold in the mornings, and who knows in the afternoon the responsible parent puts a jacket on their child. Now, keep in mind, I tend to be cold. However, I keep the temperature in my room around 70. Also, when we go outside, I enjoy a nice bench while the children play. With all of that said, one would think that my room is set at 98 and its equally as hot outside. The moment that we get in line to go outside I have children asking if they can take their coat off. We are not even outside yet. The second they can see the door, they are begging to take it off. Boys want to strip all the way down to their undershirts. Do coats somehow inhibit children from playing? I do have vague memories of hating when my mother asked me to put on a coat, but come on people its March! When I have kids, I am going to dress them in multiple layers so maybe except on the coldest of days a jacket will not even be in our vocabulary.


  1. The kids in my room are the very same way. I think it does inhibit them a bit, although I refuse to let them take off their coats unless I take off mine. I think I remember learning that children have a higher metabolism and that makes their body temperature slightly warmer or something like that. :P

  2. My kids are the same way. As many times as I have told them that I am not going to be responsible for a jacket, they are right there at the bench I sit on saying "Will you hold my jacket for me?" Nooooooooooo