Wednesday, June 8, 2011

IVF Class

Whew! We went to IVF class at 9 this morning and left about noon. I am continuously overwhelmed and overjoyed at how nice and caring the staff at NFC is. Every single person I have dealt with has been more than cooperative and helpful. We started this morning in a class with 5 other couples going through the process. By far, we were the youngest. By probably 10-15 years. Oh well. We met with the IVF nurse coordinator and she walked us through a PowerPoint on what all we should expect. The worst part was that I have to limit my exercise to just light walking once I get to a certain point, and no lifting weight over 10 pounds. The good part- no vacuum or laundry! The bad part- I'll probably gain 10 pounds. Oh well, I guess that is the beginning of sacrifices of being a mommy one day! Next we met with our IVF nurse. She was wonderful! She also happens to be a LU graduate so that was a nice connection to have. After meeting with her, we met with the financial person who gave us some options for paying for this all. On two teacher salaries, IVF isnt just in the budget :) Hubby has already contacted the people about the loan and if it goes through it will be to NFC in 48 hours! Wahoo! the mix of writing this and doing a lot of other things..I started! So tomorrow, will be Cycle Day 1. I have to call my IVF nurse in the morning and let her know I started. I am so amazed at how God works things. I am actually about 5 days late. Anytime I have a schedule change- like off work for summer break it messes my cycle up. It actually turned out to be a blessing. If I had started last week I would be waiting until July sometime to even get started. That would push me into school starting and make getting off work and to the doctor difficult and stressful. Even if God didn't provide me with a baby the natural way, He is with me step by step through this unconventional way of doing it! I am anxious to see what He has in store for us.

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