Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blood Work

I normally don't mind having blood drawn. Also, let me state that I am probably the worst person in dealing with medical situations. I don't do hospitals unless I HAVE to. I don't handle medical situations well. For example, when I had my wisdom teeth pulled- I missed a week of my bed..on a lot of pain medication. Once, I had an in-grown toenail and I had to have the toenail removed..I couldn't wear shoes for several months..took a lot of pain medication..and barely lived through still, four years later, hurts to touch. So I say all that to say, that going through all of this could be some what of a challenge to me. But, I'm in full steam ahead! Today, I had to blood drawn to test for infectious diseases before we begin HIV. The woman laid down 8 tubes that had to be filled. I immediately was in a panic. Good thing she draws blood a lot and it was fairly quick and I only got a little light headed when she first started! I guess I will be seeing her again quite a bit through this!

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