Friday, June 10, 2011

Cycle Day 2

Is it bad that I am already sick on day 2? Oh, the story of my life. I figured it would be the case, I started a z-pak this morning (hubs and I both did). He was a little sick this morning from it. I have been sick all day. Blah. On a side note, teacher related, I have my administration test in the morning. I have to be there at 730am and its about 2 hours from my house. The best part will be the no traffic morning drive. I do pretty well in the morning, but will crash for a nap when I get home. This test is pretty big deal. Hubs and I are both taking it (not at the same place, that would have been too easy) and it will certify us to be principals one day. What this means, more pay! It was $375 to take the test, so I am really hoping for a passing score! I would be studying, but there is not really much to study. I took the practice test and did pretty well so I hope that is a good sign. I was going to wait a few years to take it, but the state is changing the guidelines and I will have to take more classes in the future. NOT what I want to do. I plan to teach for a few more years because I really enjoy it, and then maybe start to look for an assistant principal job, and eventually move to something on the district level. I mean how could you not love faces like these (a picture from my class last year..what cuties!)

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