Thursday, April 15, 2010


I think I have complained about this before but I do not enjoy teaching writing to my kiddos. For people who think in incomplete thoughts, writing a sentence or two is really not easy. When your hands are tiny, forming perfect letters on the lines- not easy. Regardless, the first grade teachers want us to work on writing. I have tried graphic organizers, having them copy from the board, doing letter by letter with them, writing a sentence on their own everyday, and making charts for them to have during writing with the letters on is still the most painful part of the day. Any suggestions???

On a side note, I realized this week my kids love playing addition Around the World or Basketball- good stuff for review time in April and May!

Also, every morning since about November I have been praying for these two kids in my room who just do not make good choices. It seriously helps with my patience. God is good when we rely on Him. Everyone have a good Friday!

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