Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Student

Poor little girl- she moved to a new school the last week of April. This morning I got a new student. So thankful she is a girl because my boys are too much already! She is a sweet little girl, but there were so many frustrations with a new student. I have already run all my pages- now one short. I made about 15 trips to the copier for various things for her today. Also, she is behind my students. I pretty much know what all of my students can do at this point, except her. So anyway all day I was complaining to myself about how I didn't want to go from 18 to 19 students, but when I finally stopped to think about her- how hard for her! She was attacked- literally- by students all day long! She is forced to adjust to my system, which is probably like none other. I just want her to enjoy her last five weeks of school in my class. I know that I can only bring her so far in that amount of time, and I am just going to help her the best that I can.

Also a little wisdom from one of my kids...first of all if you need a self esteem boost, go talk to Kindergartners. They will be glad to tell you how wonderful you are! This little girl tells me at least five times a day that I am the best teacher ever and that I look beautiful :) So the other day she said, your the best teacher because I never get in trouble- I just do what you say and I don't get in trouble- but some kids they don't listen and do what you say and they always get in trouble- why don't they just listen, its the way to go...I thought wow, your brilliant!


  1. She sounds like a blessing. They don't usually move in near the end of the year.

  2. I know- I think she had some family issues, and she is in a much better environment now

  3. Oh, I was never a fan of getting students past Christmas break, and even less thrilled after winter break. It wasn't just the work it added, but the classroom dynamics were already in place, so it was hard to make them fit in.

    It sounds like you're being sensitive to her feelings, which will go a long way.