Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Started the day at 7:40 with a little girl telling me she didn't feel good. She then proceeded to throw up in my trash can until about 8:10 when her dad got there to get her. Awesome. Although she was quite the trooper. She got it all in the trashcan and even held her own hair out of the way! We then had Graduation pictures. They were so adorable in their little caps and gowns. However, it was not just a cap and a gown. The boys had to wear these little button down shirts with ties. Try putting that on several squirmy six year old boys. This took until about 10:00. Then another sweet little one got sick so I spent the next ten or so minutes calling his mom. And yes, I disinfected the entire room this afternoon. At this point its fifteen minutes until lunch. I managed to accomplish one page. Went to lunch. After lunch we watched Disney's Planet Earth with the rest of the Kindergarten. That lasted until 1:00. Which left enough time to color a page and send the Early Friends home. Exhausted.

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