Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I sometimes forget that my little ones are just precious babies in the scheme of life. This week I have the responsibility of Early Friends. Early Friends are some friends who leave at 130 instead of 230. So I have to leave my class and go outside to do this. I normally just put a movie on while I am gone. About week two I realized that two of my boys could not be in the room without me. Chaos was happening. They are my two kids who everyday test the limits. They have both served several days in ISS, had numerous calls and notes home, and have missed countless hours of recess. Some days they do stuff that is so awful, I forget that they are six years old. So anyway, today when I had left one for EF with another teacher- when I came back he was sound asleep. He was sooooo peaceful :) I let him sleep for about 45 minutes until it was time to go home. He was so calm while sleeping. I thought, no wonder why parents stare at their sleeping children- because when they are awake you sometimes cant have positive thoughts- but when they are sleeping, they are perfect :)

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