Thursday, April 8, 2010

Braggin on my Kidos

One of the greatest things about teaching such small kids is that I get to see them truly learn. I get to see the first time they get something, and how excited they get over that! Just this week, some of my kids have amazed me at how much they have learned. I have really not enjoyed teaching writing this year. It is extremely difficult for someone to write a sentence who does not think in complete thoughts. We introduced writing a sentence in October, and some of my little ones could just barely get one word on their paper. Well..yesterday..I put five vocabulary words from our story on the board (rescue, shimmering, pilot, yahct, mechanic). The students were to write five sentences using one word per sentence. Now, some of my kids were able to do just one sentence. But SEVERAL of my students wrote five different sentences using the words correctly. I was so proud of them, they have come so far!
Another thing..I have a precious little one who will more than likely be enjoying another year of Kindergarten. My kids have to type in their lunch number when they buy their lunch. This is major at the beginning of the year (as you can imagine)- however by now they all know them. Except this one, but today- before I could turn around and help him- he typed in his lunch number! I literally yelled out loud I was so happy for him!

It is things like this that make my job worthwhile. Amongst all that of course I still had a boy who through scissors at another, people on tables, tears, blood, and all the normal things- but these little things get you through the day.

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  1. Bless your heart Kristin! I can tell that you truly have the heart of a great Kindergarten teacher. Your love for your students is so obvious. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to watch them succeed!!!!