Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vacation Review

We had a wonderful vacation! It was so nice to get away for awhile. The hardest part is coming back to the reality, as you all know! We started our vacation by going to the Braves game. It was about 99 degrees with a heat index of 102! However, we moved out of our sunny seats to ones in the shade so it wasn't too bad. We did get a sunburn just from the brief time we were in the sun! On our way from Atlanta to Valdosta there was a horrible storm. It took about twice as long for us to get to the hotel. The next morning we went to Jacksonville to board our ship. We spent a day at sea just reading and laying out. Next day we were in Key West. It just so happened that some of our family was down there at the same time. We got to see them for a few minutes! While in Key West we just spent a few hours walking around. We walked down to the southernmost point in the US. It is 90 miles to Cuba from that spot, and you can kind of see a hazy Cuba. The next day we spent in Nassau. We went to the beach for the day and enjoyed the sand and ocean! Finally, the last day was spent at sea. We spent most of the day napping in a shady chair. It was wonderful! Now since I have been back, we have been in an 8 hour a day week long class- so not much fun!

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