Thursday, June 3, 2010

5 year reunion

My husband was our high school class president, so guess what that leaves us in charge of? You got it- class reunions! We had some people express an interest in a reunion before 10 years so we are having a 5 year this summer. First of all, it is insane to me that we have been out of school for five years. So anyway, with him in charge, I also am. We have decided to have an informal event. It is at a local park, and we are having a potluck meal. I have spent the last few days addressing envelopes to the 95 people in my class. Yes, I know, that is somewhat small. My husband has typed up the invitation, and I have typed up cards telling people what they should bring. My hope that is at least 75% of the invitations make it to the appropriate people, and at least half of the class decides to come. The rest of my night will be spent stuffing envelopes for my classmates. Here are some pictures of high school for you to enjoy...

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