Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why are the bad one's so cute!?

I have been trying to figure out why some of the kids who can't behave are some of the cutest ones! There is a sweet little six year old boy in my room who would send a saint over the edge some days. However, I absolutely love him.

These are a few of his antics:

-He spent today crawling under tables and all over the floor on my room pretending to be the class alligator and almost attacking other children in the room.
- He sometimes uses completely inappropriate language- words I didn't know until high school probably
- One day he yelled out in distress to me that another kid was antagonizing him
- He has started this new game, he sits his coat in his chair- arms on the table- and pencil box for the head- it seriously looks like a person. He hides under the table and I am often confused by it
- His favorite channel is Discovery Channel/Animal Planet and he knows more
than I do

These are just some of the things that describe a day in his life at school. However, he makes more noise while I am teaching than any other child, and he is always running around crazy. He easily finds himself in trouble, but he is just so cute! I fear I will have this trouble with my own children, they will be too darn cute to get in real serious trouble. Maybe I should teach older children, when they aren't so cute anymore...but then again, I do love those sweet little babies!

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  1. #1--All of this reminds me of sweet baby Gavin.
    #2--I had one lick the cafeteria floor the other day, I know how you feel!

    Just bless them!!!!