Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Trying to get pregnant is fun"

I titled this with quotes for a few reasons. A- everyone always said to me, just relax trying is the best part. (If you know someone trying to get pregnant, don't say that to them) B- I stopped having fun about month three. Maybe for my husband it was fun, but at about month three it was all ovulation kits and temperature taking and doctors and worrying. I think the only fun thing coming my way at this point is someone actually telling me I'm pregnant, or the humor in at all that I just have to look for. Wednesday, I had a procedure done to check and make sure my tubes were clear and uterus looked fine. It was like a pap smear times 100. They put a cath through your uterus which release iodine into your tubes. At the end of the cath is a balloon that blows up so that the iodine does not leak out. I thought I was going to die. One of my friends said the pressure probably feels like a contraction. I thought..great..because I almost got sick and could barely take the pain. I am such a wimp. So I immediately text my husband and said, trying to have a baby is so not fun.

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