Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Let the fun begin. As I am driving home, all I can think about is curling up on my couch for an afternoon nap. Its cold, dreary, and my kids have lost control of their lives, and I have two church league games tonight- so a nap was a must. As I barely gather the energy to check the mail, I am greeted at the mailbox by a large package from NFC. There must be 40 pages in there to read and fill out. Some of it included:
-personality traits- If I put hateful with they not let me do IVF..
-Every disease known to man and if anyone in your family has had it
-General medical background
...and SOOO much more.

I know that this is all necessary for what could be the cutest baby one day, but right now it is a lot. I hope I read it all and fill it out correctly!

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