Sunday, January 23, 2011

Too Much Snow..

As beautiful is the snow is when it first falls, I am ready for spring! We have been to school 6 days since Christmas break began. Last week, we went a full day on Tuesday and Wednesday, a half day on Thursday, and snow day on Friday. Week before that it snowed on Sunday night and kept us out all week. When we went back last Tuesday, my kids had completely forgotten what they were doing. I mean who can blame them being that they were basically out of school for a month. Nonetheless we must press on. Just so happens when we went back it was time testing. This fell at the worst time. I hadn't had a chance to review skills, and they were just plain wild! There is snow in the forecast this week, but I hope it simply comes as rain. As I complain about the snow, and having to teach until June possibly- I try to remember those that don't get paid unless they work. School bus drivers, aids, crossing guard, and that is just school related- not any others that cant get to work. So as hateful as I would be about going in June, at least as I sit home on my snow days, I am still getting paid and I am thankful for that. I pray that we get to school for 5 straight days this week, and then I am sure I'll be ready for another snow day :)

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