Sunday, January 9, 2011

Long time, No see!

Well, I noticed it had been since Sept 8, 2010 since I had a post. I had several family members ask where my blog was, my apologies on being a slacker! I created a facebook acocunt for my class, and I think that was taking over my extra online time. I am hoping to do a little better the second half of my semester. We have just recently started back to school getting in three days last week. Now, we are bracing for what could be the biggest snow we have had in a few years. It is expected to come in tonight and last until Tuesday. I teach in a rural county so we are out for several days following a winter system due to all the back roads. If this comes like they say, I could be out all week. As much as I enjoy a snow day or two..five is a lot. We have some testing coming up after MLK day and I want my kids to be prepared. It is also difficult to get them on track behaviorally when we are sporadically there. They basically had forgotten how to act when we came back last week. Luckily, my kids are significantly ahead of where my kids were at this point last year so I feel like the testing will go ok. I am actually starting to pull first grade material because they are getting bored. In happy news..I got a projector in my room!! I have used it for absolutely everything! They love playing games, seeing videos, watching me type..anything! It has made such a difference in what all I can do! Now, if I just had an ELMO! Well, again sorry for nothing to post in a while. I am going to do better!!

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