Friday, May 14, 2010


Today we went on our end of the year field trip to the Zoo. The weather people were calling for severe thunderstorms all day, but we were going rain or shine. It was about 100% humidity- about like a day in the middle of July- but no rain! It started raining as soon as we got on the buses, how great! We STRONGLY encourage all parents to come on the trip and that way we can split up. Those parents just sign out their kids as soon as we get there, and they are theirs for the day. Makes counting children and keeping up with them much easier. I had three kids that did not have a parent go. Another teachers teenage daughter and some friends decided to go with us so they kept two of my girls that didn't have a parent. My other one, is the one I constantly talk about on my blog that is just always doing something crazy. However, when he is alone- he is fine. He has a really bad home life, but is so smart! He knows something about everything. His vocabulary is on a 10 year old level probably. So anyway, I spent the day with him. Most people just slowly enjoyed their day at the zoo stopping whenever they needed to. Not us. We saw every single thing you could see at the zoo. Literally. And all in about 3 hours including lunch. He was so cute with his little map all day. We were on a schedule that had to be kept. I was glad that I could to spend some time with him alone where he wasn't in trouble, because he stays in trouble at school!

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  1. Kristin,

    That little boy is always going to remember you! I guarantee it. Your genuine interest and care for him is making a difference in his life. I just know it. Blessings sweet lady