Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh Monday. Not only was it Monday, but we were under severe weather watches all day. We had to get out in the hallway in "tornado position" twice during the day. If you have never done this, its a lot. Its even more with 20 five year olds. However, they were perfect! No tears- really not even any cares about it. Some of them even enjoyed a nap while they sat there :)

Adding to my fabulous Monday was my "monthly visitor". For any of you who have tried to get pregnant and taken your temperature while trying, you know that it lets you know pretty good when you should start. So, I knew today would be the day- still doesn't make it any better. When we were first started trying, I would be in tears when I started. At this point, I am un-phased. Although my rational side knows that we can't get pregnant, its still hard not to think maybe this month it happened for us.

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