Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is it fall break yet?

The first of the year is crazy. If I had remembered how crazy it was, I might not have been interested in returning. However, I just keep thinking that in just a few weeks my kiddos will know what they are doing. I am sure that at every grade level the first of the year is a little challenging. The kids have to get used to you and your procedures. It could take some adjusting. With Kindergarten it is multiplied by thousands. These kids have to get adjusted to school, sitting still, writing with a pencil, working, staying in their chair, not talking whenever they want, walking in a line, walking period, doing things for themselves, and on top of all of that learning skills to read! By May of last year, I had those kids right where I wanted them. They knew how to do everything, and what I expected of them. I forgot they didn't at the beginning :). Today I had about nine little friends drop a slip. That is almost half. Bless their hearts- they cry and complain and ask all day to change it back. I do feel bad, but they have to learn. I have some super sweet kids this year. 11 boys and 9 girls, and they are super cute! I am ready to get them to the point they are able to learn..

A few funny things that have happened so far...
-A sweet little boy asked if he could go home with me, I said no that kids don't live at my house and I don't know that my husband would like that much..Another sweet little boy next to me said "What! You don't have kids, you know HAVE to HAVE kids right?!" Right. Thank you.
-Today a little girl came in a panic to me that the boy next to her had bitten her. Not something that should be funny really. However, she had such a scolding look on her face I automatically thought it was funny. So I tried to control myself and asked the little boy if he bit her. He said "well I didn't really bite her, I just did this..and he bit his shirt and made a little growling noise. I lost it right there- probably did not prevent biting in the future...

Hoping for good days the rest of the week!

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