Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Advocare story

I know that there are so many products out there these days, and we have tried a few different ones. I wanted to share our AdvoCare story, and why we chose these products.

Last spring, a friend offered me some Spark. I was teaching full time, coaching basketball, and had two 1 year olds and a newly 4 year old. I was exhausted. All day. Everyday. I tried it, liked it, but just wasn't really ready to spend the money on something. She contacted me a few times of the year, and I always just pushed it off. Finally, around Christmas, we decided we had to do something to get our health and weight back under control. Being pregnant twice in two years and one of those with two babies is not good on the weight!

So anyway, on January 2nd we decided to Jump All-in and do the 24 day challenge. It is 10 days of a herbal cleanse, and then 14 days of vitamin packed nutrients. It comes with a meal plan, shopping list, schedule of when to take everything, and a lot of support. I was very uncomfortable for about the first 7 days as I tried to wean my body off sugar. After about a week, I felt great! If you are looking to trim down, this is by far the best way to get a jump start on that!

Some of our favorite AdvoCare products:
-Spark- this is a supplement that we use to enhance energy and mental focus. If you are a mom, it is amazing! A lot of people drink theirs (you just mix in water) in the morning, but I prefer about mid-day, because it really helps me have a productive afternoon.
-Meal Replacement Shake- these seriously are so yummy! We take a muscle gain supplement as well that doesn't taste so great, but these really are tasty. I use these on mornings when I need to hurry the kids out to school, or a lot on Sunday morning because we seem to be late a lot! I also mix a weekly fiber pack right in and you can't taste it.
-Catalyst- this supplement helps build lean muscle- I can already tell a difference in about 2 weeks of taking this regularly. We love it!
-Thermoplus- helps burn off extra fat, but maintain muscle- great with catalyst!
-Rehydrate- love chugging one of these after a run on the treadmill, I can recover much faster replacing those electrolytes with this instead of water

Some suggestions of things to take to get started:
-Catalyst, thermoplus, and slim (like spark but with added appetite control) would be a great bundle
-24 day challenge!

I can't even brag on these products enough, and how I (and hubs) feel after getting on product. It has made such a different in our daily lives as we try to be better and live healthier.

Added bonus to our success so far, clean eating and exercise. More on those tips to come in the future.

If you want to try any of these, I would love to help out!

Below is a picture my before and after on the 24 Day Challenge: (I have dropped from 192-175 since deciding to make a healthier lifestyle change!)

Next on the blog:  shopping at Sams!

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