Tuesday, January 31, 2017

daily devotional

Normally, people will make it a goal to read their Bible or study something everyday. If you are like me, I will get into something and then about a month later I stop and its a few months before I start back. I was on this cycle most of my adult life until the last couple of years. You may be thinking, its easy for me because I stay at home. However, I have a 5:00am alarm so that I can make time for it before my boys are up. I have also done this, and worked full time. So its totally doable for everyone!

So here are my tips for how to make it work for you:
For the WORKING mom:
-Get up 10 minutes earlier than you need to. It may take you a few days practice, but once you get in the habit you can do it. My trick- as soon as I hear my alarm, I turn my light on so that I don't keep laying in bed in a dark room and go back to sleep.
-Find something quick- I love Jesus Calling. This year I am doing Beth Moore's daily devotional. Both are quick one page reads. If you give yourself the full 10 minutes, you can read the whole chapter that they are pulling the verse from
-Listen to 97.1 on the way to work. It may not be Bible study, but it is good music!
-Do your Bible study at night. This would be best if you are attempting a longer study. When I worked and did long studies, I would do my quick study in the mornings, and then work on my longer study at night or on the weekend.

-Get up at least 30 minutes before your kids do. I choose 2 hours so that I have plenty of time for exercise, coffee, and Bible Study
-Pick a variety of studies. Currently I am reading Beth Moore's daily devotional, The Praying Wife, Love Unending, and Beth Moore's Entrusted series. I enjoy this method because I don't get burnt out with one method.
-Pinterest has a scripture writing challenge for each month of the year. They take about 10 minutes. Love these, and you can do these anytime during the day. They don't require as much focus as reading something.
-Find a comfortable spot somewhere in your house that while you are up early you can sit comfortably, sip your coffee, and do your study ( I didn't have time for coffee sipping when I worked, but you can do this if you are up with enough time)

I hope these help you find some time or motivation to get in the Word everyday. Even if I only spend 5 minutes, I feel better for the day.

Coming up next...our time in the NICU

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